About Us

Since 2004, Peek-A-Book has helped libraries maximize the value and exposure of their print collections to reach a new generation of readers.

Our dazzling audio-visual previews give kids a peek at a story without telling them how it ends so they want to read the actual book. Our ever-growing content library is unmatched in its breadth and quality with over 400 dynamic previews for books libraries most want their young patrons to discover —Caldecott winners, overlooked gems, and recommended titles from School Library Journal and Booklist. Each month, we add 3-4 new previews to our content library by carefully selecting the very best titles from the major publishers.

Children delight in our touchscreen interface that empowers them to choose their own books. Librarians select which titles appear in their Peek-A-Book on any given day. Educational puppet skits that teach literacy and library skills are also part of the experience.

Libraries across America have discovered that Peek-A-Book helps them 1) promote the very best picture books in their collection to kids raised in a digital age, 2) increase circulation and overall interest in their picture book collection, and 3) help time-pressed families choose a great book in minutes.

Isn’t it time your library took advantage of the many wonderful features Peek-A-Book has to offer?

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